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You woke up one day with a dream: a harem full of demon girls. You've opened the portal in hopes of fulfilling your wildest desires. Hellfire burns through your lungs, death awaits around every corner and everything looks like from a cutesy mobile game. You are in hell.

  • Traverse hell in search of love.
  • Win the hearts of horrible demon girls.
  • Kick adorable skeletons around.
  • Solve puzzles as efficiently as possible.
  • Or just skip puzzles in the menu.
  • Try to not get murdered by demon girls.
  • Get murdered by demon girls anyway.

Chapter Character
The Helltaker
Chapter I Pandemonica, The Tired Demon
Chapter II Modeus, The Lustful Demon
Chapter III Cerberus, The Triple Demon
Chapter IV Malina, The Sour Demon
Chapter V Zdrada, The Bitch Demon
Chapter VI Azazel, The Curious Angel
Chapter VII Justice, The Awesome Demon
Chapter VIII Lucifer, The CEO of Hell
Chapter IX Judgement, The High Prosecutor
Chapter X Epilogue
Beelzebub, The Great Fly
Chapter EX Loremaster, The Science Demon (Examtaker)

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