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The Helltaker is the titular protagonist of Helltaker.


The Helltaker is a buff, muscular man, who enjoys playing turn based strategy games and eating chocolate pancakes. During his trek through hell, he wears a red shirt and a white suit jacket and pants, with a red flower in his lapel. At the end of the game, he replaces his suit jacket with a black apron with "SATAN" written in white while he cooks pancakes.


Upon waking up from a vivid dream about having a harem of demon girls, The Helltaker decided he would venture down into Hell to build a demon harem in the real world.

In the epilogue, the game declares that although a life with a demon harem is guaranteed to be short and painful, you might as well have fun and make the most of it.

The Helltaker does not make an appearance in Examtaker, although he does get a brief mention at the end. Lucifer claims she wonders what he is doing these days which implies he either went into the abyss and joined Beelzebub, or something else entirely happened.

Demons in the Harem


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